about the house

The housing complex is a 150+ years old traditional “Kathoikiá” which has been carefully restored with natural building materials.

It is thus a monument of traditional architecture in the same way as “xerolithiés” (the famous Cycladic dry stone walls) and all the other architectural gems passed down through the generations.

when “Almonds” where under renovation…

“xerolithies” from around the island

We explored all spots of the house and sat on all its friendly stones.
We saw the sea and listened to songs of the wind.
I cannot choose my favourite spot as they’re probably all favourites!
Thank you, Mania, for our best holidays for years”.

Dimitris, Giorgos, Stathis (24.8.2021)

Our little paradise… of Mania that is, but she shares it so open-heartedly that it now has also become our own.
It’s the only place I know where stone, this “soulless” and “cold” material comes to life so beautifully and sweetly, and the more so as it becomes loaded with memories.
Thank you dear friend for the love you have invested in all corners of the house, the rounded nooks and crannies where the gaze comes to rest, the materials that seem to have been taken from the earth itself and its colours of the soil.
Thank you for having created such a point of reference which inspires a constant longing to return upon one’s departure

Rinio, Stamatis (17.8.2021)