house rules

  • Please bring your own sheets and towels.
  • KEYS : the bedroom lock is quirky : it unlocks clockwise so do not force it 🙃. There are two XL iron keys which unlock the wooden doors. Please keep them in the bedroom when you are away and just take the bedroom key with you. The two kitchen door locks only need one quarter of a turn to lock/unlock
  • Keep window / door mosquito nets closed at all times.
  • You will find all the veranda accessories (lounge chairs, table, lights, pillows) in bedroom 2.
  • For you shower you may prefer to use the brass shower as this provides sun heated water.
  • Thank you for throwing toilet paper (etc) in the bag in the rubbish toilet can.
  • Please always do the dishes the moment you finish your meal as ants lurk! 🐜
  • This is a non smoking house! Please never light a fire and if you smoke, extinguish your cigarettes in the pot provided!
  • Rubbish disposal : Please use the black bag recyclables (glass, plastic, paper…) and plastic bags for general rubbish. You will find the public disposal bins right next to the junction of the Aghios Symeon road and the main road. (Blue bins = recycling / green bins = general rubbish)

enjoy your stay!