leaving the house

  • Please ensure all lights and windows including the roof porthole in the bedroom, are closed. The porthole is opened and closed from the roof which is accessible from the stone steps next to the kitchen.
  • Remove the plug of the external nightlight outside the door of the kitchen that leads to the WC.
  • Please ensure that you take all the rubbish with you including the toilet rubbish.
  • In the master switch board, which also contains fuzes, please turn off the switch market “O” (Oven).
  • Please return all external furniture to bedroom 2.
  • Empty the remaining water in all the jerrycans to the plants/ trees of the garden.
  • Lock the kitchen doors from inside, lock the wooden doors and store the iron keys in the bedroom. Return the bedroom key in its hiding place.

Thank you for contributing to the happiness of the house

and for considering contributing to its maintenance.